Best nightly rates guaranteed
Take control of your
check-in and check-out times
Only pay for the hours you need
Best nightly rates guaranteed
Only pay for the hours you need
Take control of your check-in and check-out times

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Stay in Paddington... Go Anywhere

Our hotels are spectacularly well located walking distance from Paddington Station
with great access to many city attractions, such as Oxford Circus, Hyde Park, West End theatres.
Whether you're a Londoner or a visitor to London coming from any part of the world via Heathrow Express - Paddington is the perfect base for your stay.

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How it Works

Total flexibility for the stay tailored to suit you - Our exclusive rates discount the hours you don't need, so choose your exact check in & check out times and see how much you save!
Step 1
1. Choose your date and time

Total flexibility for the day, check-in and check-out times

Step 2
2. Choose your hotel

Pick from a wide selection of Paddington Hotels

Step 3
3. Book your stay

Simply and easily confirm your booking, by computer or mobile.

Step 4
4. Travel and save

Enjoy the Paddington Hotels experience and pay only for the hours you need!

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